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Head, Complementary and Alternative Medicines Section in Centre for Product Registration, NPRA, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Dr Seetha is a regulatory pharmacist and is currently heading the Complementary and Alternative Medicines Section in Centre for Product Registration, NPRA, Ministry of Health Malaysia. She obtained her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in 1997 from University Sains Malaysia (USM), Master of Science (Analytical Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis) from University Malaya in 2006 and PhD (Bio-Pharmacy) from University Malaya in 2017. After graduating from USM, she started her career as a pupil pharmacist in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a year. Upon completion of her pupillage, she was posted to work as a pharmacy enforcement officer in Johor for 3 years. She then joined the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in 2002 and has worked as a regulatory pharmacist since then. Her initial work was in the complementary product section focusing on traditional medicine before moving on to the generic medicine section in 2018. In 2020, she moved back to complementary and alternative medicine section in charge of both traditional medicine and health supplements product evaluation. Her areas of expertise are in complementary and alternative medicine product registration. She believes that good and effective regulatory system is required to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of health products, as well as the accuracy and appropriateness of the health product information available to the public and patients.

Abstract - Regulatory requirement for Botanical Drugs (Regulatory authority)



Head, Herbal Medicine Research Center at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR)

Dr Ami Fazlin is a medical doctor who heads the Herbal Medicine Research Center at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) since 2015. IMR is part of the National Institutes of Health Malaysia that acts as the research arm of the Ministry of Health. Her involvement in herbal research started in 2001 with development of evidence-based reviews for the Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine (GlobinMed) website which house scientific data for medicinal herbs and Traditional & Complementary Medicine. The specialization in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics has aided her growth in the understanding and designing herbal medicine research at both the preclinical and clinical level. She chairs the Technical Committee for the National Research and Development of Herbal Medicine, the Technical Committee for Preclinical and Clinical Herbal Research Grant Scheme (Previously known as NKEA high value herbal product research) and the Malaysian Herbal Monographs as well as being the current Test Facility Manager for the Non-Clinical Research Facility (In vivo GLP Lab), IMR. She also part of the Medical Research Ethics Committee, the Scientific Review Panel for Phase I study, the Herbal Implementation Committee for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries, the Implementing Committee for the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Blueprint 2018-2027, the Advisory Committee to the National Competent Authority for Act 795: Access to Biological Resources and Benefit Sharing 2017, the Editor of the evidence-based articles for GlobinMed and many others. She has been invited to present her work regarding herbal in international conferences and has been a reviewer of many international journals.

Abstract - Developing the Investigator Brochure for Clinical Trials on Herbal Products



Head, Pharmacology, QUEST University

Professor Dr. Aman Shah is a clinician scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, United Kingdom. He received his basic training in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Otago University, New Zealand and his medical and surgical training at Sheffield University, United Kingdom.

He has previously served the British National Health Service (NHS) as a medical officer and went on to complete his doctoral degree from Oxford University, focusing on visual neuroscience and ocular pharmacotherapeutics.

In his previous teamwork at Oxford in collaboration with a European biotechnology firm, he was directly involved in the pioneering work on the screening and evaluation of novel pharmacotherapeutic agents i.e. the hydrogen sulphide releasing (ACS) derivatives in selected animal models of glaucoma and various neurodegenerative eye diseases.

Prof. Dr. Aman is also actively involved in teaching, academic clinical research as well as industrial up-scaling and commercialization activities related to botanical drug development. He is a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified physician and currently serves as Medical and Scientific Director under The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture New Key Economic Area (MOA, NKEA), EPP1 programme, to several pharmaceutical companies actively engaged in pre-clinical and clinical research.

Abstract - Orthosiphon stamineus for Cancer Therapeutics



Chairman, Eman Research Australia

Dr. Amin Malik Shah is the founding Chairman of Eman Research which is a non-profit research organisation that focuses on herbal drug discovery and development based in Australia and Malaysia.  He is also the Group CEO of NatureCeuticals Pty Ltd which is a Multinational herbal pharmaceutical company. He also serves as an honorary Associate Professor at John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University. He has published more than 300 publications and supervised more the 100 postgraduate students.  Dr Amin is passionate in making herbs into mainstream pharmaceuticals. Currently his research product is in advanced stage of clinical study for breast and colon cancer. 

Abstract - Challenges in Botanical Drugs Development (Industrial Perspective)