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Organising committee


Founding Chairman, Eman Research

Dr Amin Malik Shah is the founding Chairman  of Eman Research which is a non profit research organisation that focuses on herbal drug discovery  and development based in Australia and Malaysia.  He is also the Group CEO of NatureCeuticals Pty Ltd which is a Multinational herbal pharmaceutical  company . He also serves as an honorary Associate Professor  at John Curtin School of Medical Research,  Australian National University . He has published more than 300 publications  and supervised more the 100 postgraduate students.  Dr Amin is passionate in making herbs into mainstream pharmaceuticals. Currently his research product is in advanced stage of clinical study for breast and colon cancer. 


Senior Lecturer In Plant Molecular Biology, Hawkesbury Institute For The Environment

Dr. Cazzonelli joins the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a Senior Lecturer in Plant Molecular Biology. His team will establish an Environmental Epigenetics Laboratory (EEL) to discover molecular mechanisms underpinning plant acclimation and adaptation to changing environments. The cutting edge research program aims to discover how RNA secondary structure and epigenetic modifications regulate metabolite accumulation and promote memory-forming processes. This will involve the application of next generation sequencing and genetic engineering technologies to discover new solutions that improve plant performance and facilitate sustainability. He received United States Department of Agriculture Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with Dr. Jeff Velten (USDA-ARS, Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, USA) and investigate the molecular nature of gene activation, gene silencing and remote sensing of plant stress events.


(Ph.D. University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), (M.Sc. Miami University, Ohio, USA), (B.Sc. Indiana University, Indiana, USA)

Since October 2019, Dr Rashid joined Eman Biodicoveries Sdn Bhd as the Chief Scientific Officer for the newly established Bioprocess and Biotechnology Division. Prior to this, Dr Rashid was leading the Biotransformation laboratory at the Advanced Oleochemical Technical Division (AOTD) in Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). His has over 20 years of experience in the area of fermentation of palm oil and palm biosurfactants.  His group conducted R&D studies up to pre-commercialization of biosurfactants and also established research collaboration with the Experimental Medicine & Advanced Natureceutical (EMAN) Laboratories for cancer and angiogenesis research. In addition, Dr Rashid supervised M.Sc. and Ph.D. students’ projects. Dr Rashid was also the lead MPOB auditor for ISO 9001 certification. 

Before joining MPOB, Dr Rashid worked for an American multinational company, Perkin Elmer Corp to lead its regional chromatography Technical Sales and Customer Support Division covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei.  He played a major role in the establishing market share and sustainable growth for Perkin Elmer in these emerging countries by providing innovative solutions to major clients throughout south-east Asia.


Associate Professor, Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Dr Long completed Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) and Master of Clinical Pharmacy at University of Science Malaysia in 2005 and 2009, respectively. He obtained PhD (Pharmacy) at the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath, England in 2014. To date, he has 13 years of academic, research and industrial experiences. He has supervised more than 50 research projects and 15 postgraduate research students and published more than 150 SCOPUS/ISI indexed research papers in the field of clinical studies and health services research. Dr Long is also the Associate Editor of BMC Health Services Research, Executive Committee Malaysian Society of Pharmaceutical Technology (MSPT). His research group is active in research related to public health, clinical pharmacy and data science. 


Head of Department of Pharmacology and Director of Research, Centre for Angiogenesis and Natural Product Research, Quest International University Perak (QIU), Malaysia.

Professor Dr. Aman Shah is a clinician scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, United Kingdom. He received his basic training in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Otago University, New Zealand and his medical and surgical training at Sheffield University, United Kingdom.

He has previously served the British National Health Service (NHS) as a medical officer and went on to complete his doctoral degree from Oxford University, focusing on visual neuroscience and ocular pharmacotherapeutics.

In his previous team-work at Oxford in collaboration with a European biotechnology firm, he was directly involved in the pioneering work on the screening and evaluation of novel pharmacotherapeutic agents i.e. the hydrogen sulphide releasing (ACS) derivatives in selected animal models of glaucoma and various neurodegenerative eye diseases.

Dr. Aman is also actively involved in teaching, academic clinical research as well as industrial up-scaling and commercialization activities related to botanical drug development. He is a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified physician and currently serves as Medical and Scientific Director under The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture New Key Economic Area (MOA, NKEA), EPP1 programme, to several pharmaceutical companies actively engaged in pre-clinical and clinical research.


Consultant Cardiologist at the Sarawak Heart Centre, Kota Samarahan, and Head of the Clinical Research Centre, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching. Adjunct Professor, Swinburne University of Technology and
Adjunct Lecturer, University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

Dr Alan Fong is a distinguished researcher in Cardiovascular Imaging and Biomarker Research, particularly in acute coronary syndrome (ACS); and in cardiovascular pharmacology. He advocates individualized therapies and precision medicine initiatives in contemporary clinical practice. He is currently participating in over 20 Phase I to IV Clinical Trials. He is the National Coordinator for two international multicenter studies.  

Cynthia Seta

Deputy Head of R&D Operation cum Research Officer (Extraction Laboratory), Sarawak Biodiversity Centre 

Ms Cynthia has a background as a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu 

Nurulliza Binti Murtadza

Communication Officer (Section Head), Corporate Communication section

Bachelor Degree in Administrative Science (Honours), Universiti Technology Mara, UiTM


Research Officer (Microbiology Laboratory), Sarawak Biodiversity Centre 

Dr Ng Lee has Doctor of Philosophy (Fermentation), Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak, 2013 MSc (Molecular Microbiology), UNIMAS, 2006 Bachelor of Science with Honours (Biotechnology resources), UNIMAS, 2003


Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at College of Pharmacy, University of Science and Technology, Yemen and University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, UAE (previously known as Ajman University, Fujairah Campus)

Dr Yaser Mohammed Al-Worafi has 20 years’ experiences in education, practice and research in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. He has held various academic and professional positions including: Head of pharmacy Practice department; Head of Teaching & learning committee, Head of Training committee and other committees. Dr. Yaser was a member of the founding committee of the integrated PharmD curriculum at Unizah College of Pharmacy.