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Theme of the conference: ‘Applications and Technologies'

IBDC&EXPO 2022 will focus on the important Applications and Technologies that are needed to move botanical drug research to the next stage.

A number of sub-themes are included within the main theme of Applications and Technologies:

  • Botanical drug application pathway to become prescription drugs:

Herbal medicines, in form of pills or capsules which have been used in countries outside the US, have potentials to become prescription drugs in the US through the botanical drug regulatory filing. The success rate of botanical drugs application is far more greater than that through the traditional chemical molecule filing by isolating or purifying active ingredients in botanicals. Botanical drug FDA regulatory filing to become a new drug is a viable business model for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Advanced technology application on herbal medicine

Herbal medicine outside US has utilized minimal advanced research technology in the past. The potentials of those advanced technology application on herbal medicine is unlimited. ABDA is promoting better collaboration between academics and manufacturers to improve herbal medicine research and product development.

  • Herbal plantation and distribution

Plants grow when weather conditions, water conditions, and surrounding are similar to their original environment. Herbal plantation in the North America is a possibility with huge benefit when other parts of the world are suffering from land pollution which impacts medical usage of herbal products.

  • Cancer and Angiogenesis Research in natural products

Latest issues and technologies related to botanical drugs technologies. Two main issues will be presented and discussed by a group of researchers and a group of clinicians. 

This conference offers clinical lectures, current botanical related medicine, herb walks and a panel discussion. Other topics this year include:

  • Regulatory requirement for botanical drugs
  • Application of advanced techniques on herbal medicine
  • Herbal plantation and technologies
  • Herbal and cancer therapeutics
  • Challenges in development of botanical drugs
  • Clinical trials process for herbal products
  • Quality control in development of botanical drugs
  • Review of Research on benefit of wild plant
  • Current issues and trends of famous herbal plants (Cannabis and Kratom)
  • The relevance of drug-herb interactions study of botanical drugs

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