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Pre – Conference Workshops

As part of the IBDC&EXPO2021 program a range of pre-conference workshops will be run on Tuesday 23 to Wednesday 24 November 2021.

Pre-Conference Registration

Registrations for pre-conference workshops are now open via the online registration form. Spaces are limited, so register now!

The below workshop registration rates are available based on the type of IBDC&EXPO 2021 delegate registration you hold.

Registration Category Cost
  • Workshop registration only (not attending IBDC Congress days)
RM150 per workshop
  • ER Member Registrants
  • ER Non-member registrants
  • Day registrants
RM50 per workshop
  • Student SBC Member registrants
  • Student non-member registrants
  • Practitioner member registrants
  • Practitioner non-member registrants
RM1000 – Complimentary

Below is a list of the Pre-Congress workshops that will be run at IBDC&EXPO 2021.

Tue November 23, 2021-08:11 AM-11:11 AM

Significance of Cell to cell communication in tumor micro-environment

Dr Mohammed Khadeer Ahamed Basheer, Eman Biodiscovery

Establishing community farming/ plantation for research and commecialisation- a case study of ABS projects in Sarawak, under Adenosara

Dr Lee Tze, Sarawak Biodiversity Center

Topics upcoming

Dr Long

Tue November 23, 2021-11:11 AM-02:11 PM

Medications safety issues, herbal medicines safety issues.

Dr Yaser Al-Worafi, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, UAE.

Clinical evidence based  reflexology.

Dr. Long Ming, University of Brunei Darussalam

Wed November 24, 2021-03:11 PM-06:11 PM

Topics coming

Professor Dr. Alan Fong

Topics coming

Dr Amer

Challenges in Botanical Drugs Development ( Industrial Perspective)

Dr. Razak, Dr. Ibrahim Jantan

Compuational and Network pahrmacology for Botanical Drug Development

Dr Md Shamsuddin Sultan Khan